The Archdiocese of San Francisco announced that a long-term lease for the St. Mary’s School building at 838 Kearny Street had been signed with the Sterne School, during the third week of April, 2017. This lease was the result of the suspension of operations for St. Mary’s School and the large debt that Old St. Mary’s Parish owed to the Archdiocese Capital Assets Corporation, the Department of Catholic Schools, and the Chancery of the Archdiocese.

For Sterne School’s announcement on the relocation of their school campus at 838 Kearny Street, please see their website

A sublease of certain classroom spaces in the building, from the Sterne School back to St. Mary’s School, was also a part of the overall lease agreement. In the event the Archbishop lifts the suspension of operations for St. Mary’s, under the sublease St. Mary’s School may again begin to operate classes in the building, although in a smaller capacity.

Fr. Bart Landry, Pastor and Director of the school and parish, stated that he is completely behind the re-opening of the school. But much of the overall planning and financial support has to come from the friends, alumni and benefactors who will work hard to achieve success. He said that he would advocate for a lifting of the suspension by the Chancery as long as there was a commitment of time, energy and resources from members of the St. Mary’s family, both new and old, to ensure a successful school program.

The majority of the funds to be received from Sterne School under the terms of the lease over the next seven plus years, will, for the most part, be earmarked by the parish to pay down the debt plus accruing interest owed to CASC, the Department of Catholic Schools, and the Chancery. Fr. Bart, with the Old St. Mary’s parish and finance councils, still must come up with an overall payment plan and meet with Archdiocese officials.

Lisa French and Nancy Fiebelkorn are commencing small discussion groups with interested supporters of a new school program, to discuss the future of St. Mary’s School and to organize commitment and enthusiasm from those community members who want the school to re-open in 2018.

For those wanting to get involved, please contact Lisa at, or Nancy at, or by calling the school on weekdays during normal working hours at (415) 929-4690.