Testimonials from our students


Coming into this school year, I never thought that I’d ever hear the words, ” St. Mary’s is closing”.

I didn’t even think I’d ever hear those words 8 years ago when I first came here.

When I took my first steps into this school, I had always dreamt of walking down that aisle with my fellow classmates, wearing that blue gown, and seeing my classmates smiling as they received their diplomas, and reflecting back on all of those memories.

Like many people, I was shocked, angry, and sad about the news. I was so sad to the point where I couldn’t even cry even if I wanted to. Feeling something was just too unbearable.

But I know that things happen for a reason through God’s will. We can either throw our papers into the air and quit, or we can come together as a community to #SaveStMarySF 
Thank you to everyone who has helped our cause so far.



St. Mary’s School is a K-8 international school located in the Chinatown of San Francisco, California. It’s been open since 1921 to give the new Chinese immigrants of that time the best education they could. Sadly now, my school is being closed, or so called “suspended”, by the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

The reasoning behind this is due to low enrollment and financial struggles of these past few years. This news, however, came to the faculty, staff, students, and parents incredibly suddenly. Originally, there had been a 3-year plan to see if the enrollment would increase, and if we reached our “milestones”, our school would not be shut down. None of these plans or hardships were mentioned. In order to pay off debts and loans, we need at least $300,000.  Instead, we were told on the night of March 8, 2016 at a meeting that they would announce the “suspension”.

As a student of St. Mary’s, I had always hoped (and still do) to graduate and become an alumni of this school. I believe that it is something to be proud of, to show how much I have learned and give back all the love my community has given me. Although my school now only has about 80 students and everybody knows each other, these are the people I call family. These are the people I would turn to in times of need and are the people I can talk to. If all of this ends now, I will not be able to stand in front of my St. Mary’s family on the day of my 8th grade graduation. I will not be able to tell them “Thank you”, or tell them how much I appreciated all their years of hard work and how they helped me discover who I truly am. I will not be able to tell people that I am a proud graduate of a truly amazing school, because this school will no longer exist. It will only exist in our hearts, if we do not step up now and try to create change.

We are trying now, as a St. Mary’s parish, community, and school, to come together and reach our goal. Without your help, we cannot possibly get anywhere. Administrations are neglecting us; we still haven’t given up hope. Any type of support, donations or just spreading the word, will benefit us. Please help us stay for at least 100 years, and #SaveStMarySF.



  I went to a school, it was relatively large and had easy classes, but that wasn’t what I was aiming for. I got straight A’s but for what reason other than to overachieve in a school that was below par. I wasn’t really planning on moving out of my school but a day came in my life I never expected. It was a day on the field and I caught the football, little did I know that that very minute I would be confronted by a group of kids. I pulled out my lunch and sat with my friends, then I saw about 3 kids come to my face and they stood at my side. They called me and my friends words such as terrorist, chink, porkbun, and even an illegal. I eventually got sick of it and stood up for my friends. I told them that we were to be respected as human beings. That very moment I woke up as my nose fell to the floor with my mouth and my face running with blood.

I left the school that week and managed to get those kids suspended but, for what reason as the incident would just repeat itself. I found a school called St.Marys and joined within the next year, though many people may say this. I found both a second family and a group of friends I cared about. I never felt that I was ever challenged enough until the day I walked through the classroom door. It was a bit overwhelming, but I grew to accept the fact that I could now study with both the help I needed in class and also the support I got from the staff. St Mary’s is Catholic, loving, international, and most of all a home.



I am in the 7th Grade and I’ve been at St. Mary’s from 4th grade until now. Our school is about to close down, or be “suspended”, but I don’t want that to happen because I love the school. I made friends here at St. Mary’s and most of them are by my side right now. We have been through hardships, sadness, happiness, and enjoyable moment. My friends and I share a bond that I don’t want anyone to try to break. They are many things that I treasure in my life that will be taken away from me when the school closes down. As students in middle school, it’s a period where it is important for us to get good grades and conduct in order to go to the high school of our choice. Now we have to change to another school during this time because the school is closing and we have to adapt to the new environment, which will take time. This is time that we do not have. Changing schools during this period is a risk because we might not get used to the new school’s teaching ways. This could result in us getting bad grades and not getting into the high school we want.  I don’t want all this to happen to any of us, and so I wish for St. Mary’s to not be “suspended” or closed down.