A child’s foundation at a preschool age is utterly crucial for developing their senses.  The Montessori Method requires the instructors to study each child’s characteristics and create tools for them to advance onto the next level.

St. Mary’s Preschool is centered on the Montessori method of education, which prioritizes the holistic development of each child. We believe that each student is naturally eager to learn, and aim to bolster this initiative by creating a supportive and thoughtfully prepared learning environment. Classroom activities are designed to encourage independence, autonomy, and a sense of order. Each child is given the freedom to choose from these activities based on his/her personal interests, and seeks out teachers’ guidance as needed.

Our Mandarin bilingual preschool adheres to developmentally appropriate practices that are based on up-to-date educational and psychological research.  We constantly strive to anticipate the changing needs of our students and to develop new teaching strategies, lessons, and individualized support to meet these needs. Our teachers balance academic goals with an awareness of each student’s cognitive and physical readiness.