Every day around 5 pm . I have been expecting to see my daughter’s happy face and waiting for her to share all the wonderful things happening in her school. She has been in St. Mary’s school for almost four years now and I have noticed how she has beome more confident and sociable with caring teachers and friendly classmates. But on 3/7/16, she talked to me in panic, telling me her school is going to close and giving me a letter mentioning due to low enrollment and school will be suspended for the next school year. Imagine how you will feel when you just got the letter that evening and the news was on the radio and newspapers everywhere on the morning of 3/8/16. As parents, we were only given a little time and chance to discuss how we can help before the announcement meeting at 6:30 pm that evening. To those people who want to suspend it, they only see the numbers and money, they did not see how important of a role St.Mary’s has played in the history of San Francisco Chinatown;  they did not see St.Mary’s means community , family and friendship , sports team, choir,  etc ; they  also did  not see how students have benefited learning both  Chinese and American language and culture by offering Chinese class one hour every day  and accepting more and more overseas Chinese middle school students in recent years. With its central location near SF Chinatown and the financial district , with its unique bilingual and Stem Program , St.Mary’s will be noticed and recognized  if only given a little bit more time and patience with good leadership, marketing  and the involvement of the entire community. I have confident on the school because I have seen the result that how St. Mary has educated my daughter as a “ Whole Child   “ ­­­ not only does she do well academically but also She has grown to be a responsible and caring young adult. Please support St. Mary in this difficult time and it will shine again with all the love and effort.