Our kindergarteners are hands-on explorers.  From vermicomposting to biome building, kindergarten is taking STEM to new levels, and seeing it in action with field trips to the San Francisco Zoo and Academy of Sciences.



After studying the various landforms and bodies of water, we focused on the largest of each, continents and oceans respectively, then integrated them into our mathematics unit on distinguishing three-dimensional from two-dimensional shapes to create our own styrofoam, hand-painted globes.  In the background is the initial worksheet we used to learn the four major layers of the Earth – the crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core.



As our interests expanded, our projects became out of this world!  We began with the four inner planets, their characteristics and nicknames, then expanded to the four gas giants.  Here are some of the solar system mobiles we painted and assembled in order of distance from the sun (hanging center).



At the Academy of Sciences we were able to view the Planetarium show, which showed the passage of day and night on Earth.  During the night sequence, we were introduced to the constellations and their exciting stories.  Here are the constellations our kindergarteners created and named using a random star pattern.