Testimonials from our students


The community of my school and I were told just this Monday that the school is closing down due to our low enrollment and financial difficulties. However we were given 3 years to reach a goal, this 3 year long opportunity was granted to us almost 1 year ago, instead we got betrayed and the school’s K-8 portion is closing down for “suspension”? The Archdiocese’s plan was for our preschool to continue and be successful so grades can reopen, to be honest I think that will take a very long time, I don’t think 1 grade level can carry out 9 other grades and be financially stable in the near future. It seems like the archdiocese wants this school to close down, they were not dedicated to this school & surely have not tried  to help come up with more solutions.

I’m so fortunate to be graduating this year and having a diploma under the name of St. Mary’s School, but especially the 7th graders, they work really hard to keep up their grades and want to do well so they can get their diplomas too. Our school includes many students that need an hour or even longer to attend St. Mary’s, they could have simply chosen a school in the city they live in, but they chose to cross the bridge just to be at this school. The fact that my 2nd family will never have the chance anymore, it hurts. Remember, no one can apply for any SFUSD school anymore. The school is not just a school, it truly feels like a family. I actually hang out with the younger grades at my school. If I went to any public school, I’d probably just hang out with my group. I’ve always imagined myself visiting/helping out the school whenever I can once I become an alumni of St. Mary’s School, and knowing that I can’t even go back to the building and call it St. Mary’s School or see people I spent a part of my life with anymore, it’s upsetting. As a current 8th grader, I feel like I’m the older sister & have to take care of the younger ones, now it feels like I’m going to lose them.

Our faculty had to step up their hard work even more this year because of all the stuff the administrators forced them to do. My homeroom teacher stays at school until 7:30pm most of the time, he can barely keep up with everything even with 20+ years of experience in teaching, and he has so much extra to do this year but he still does not get paid more. Our teachers and staff can’t afford to lose their jobs. It’s hard enough having a job in a school, but it is even harder to know that you will not have a job in 3 months and not knowing what to do.

This is definitely not all I have to say and most definitely not all the terrible treatment that the administrators have given us. If you could please help us out by simply spreading the word, I am sure at some point people will be willing to give us a helping hand. The link below will take you to a letter written by our Kindergarten teacher, she explained in more writing about our situation. This school really means a lot to hundreds maybe thousands of people, and it was clearly proven from the community meeting we had on Tuesday night (which was completely useless because none of our questions were answered). There were about 200 people of all ages fighting for our school. Please help us. #SaveStMarySF



I have been a student at St. Mary’s School for almost four years and I have cherished my time spent here. I made so many memories here and I was devastated to hear that this school that I hold so dear to my heart will be suspended. I am worried about how I will find a school for my younger brother. I really hope that Father Bart can rethink his decisions about suspending the school. I would be more than willing to help fund the school and help support in any way. St. Mary’s School means a lot to me and the people I’ve met at this amazing school are very important to me. The teachers at St. Mary’s School are wonderful and have played a big role in helping me become the person I am today. For that, I truly thank St. Mary’s for being such a great school all these years. I love St. Mary’s School and I always will.

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