Update 05052017

Thank you to all the supporters of St Mary’s School. The Friends of St Mary’s organization have been working hard keeping the school operational. It’s been a tough battle which will continue on for sometime.

If you have not already heard, Sterne school has signed a lease agreement with the Archdiocese to use the St Mary’s building. The lease is bittersweet and can be interpreted in many ways.

Please see the announcement from St Mary’s

Sterne School Lease Update

We still need all the support we can to get school back on track.

Update 04052017

St Mary’s is hosting its 34th Annual Alumni Luncheon on the 23rd of April.

More information

Alumni Luncheon

Also please SAVE THE DATE!

Next White Christmas Ball is December 16 2017. More information to come.

Update 02132017

It’s been a busy past 2 Months for St Mary’s School.  In December, Friends of St Mary’s hosted a open house for all supporters of the school. This was an opportunity for everyone to see each other before the busy holidays, from Christmas to New Year to Chinese New Year.

On 02122017 Friends of St Mary’s hosted a get together to celebrate Chinese New Year parade.

Chinese New Year Get Together


Update 11222016

St Mary’s hosted a Happy Friendsgiving reunion party for former K-3 students. All the kids were ecstatic about the event.


Happy Friendsgiving

If you already purchase via Amazon, you can now donate to Friends of St Mary’s SF. Each time you make a purchase a portion of the the proceeds will go towards the organization.

Reminder: We still need volunteers for our upcoming December 10th events. 

Update 11042016

The Holidays are just around the corner. Friends of St Mary’s SF volunteers have been working hard. Here are a few new and upcoming items.

  • St. Mary’s latest version of the Aurora is now available!
  • St Mary’s new preschool website has been released. Please visit www.stmaryspreschoolsf.org
    • Preschool has been going strong and there is a current push to get Kindergarten open for the graduating class of 2017
  • Save the Date event: Dec 10th there will be a gathering at the school from noon to 3pm. We will have a light lunch, provide a school tour and update and informal reunions. For more information please email Lisa French
  • White Christmas Ball & Dinner: Dec 10th this will be St Mary’s annual Christmas Ball and Dinner event. Held at Old St Mary’s Church. More information to come. If you are interested please email us.

Update 09032016

  • Please come see us at this years 2016 Autumn Moon Festival in Chinatown. We will have a booth right outside of Old St Mary’s Store on Grant Street.

Autumn Moon Festival 2016

  • You can now donate your car, via vehiclesforcharity.com,  and proceeds from the donation/autcion will go towards Friends of St Mary’s School SF organization.

More information please visit the following:

Vehicles For Charity

  • Some pictures from the Little Angels Symphony have been posted and is located here:

Little Angels Symphony

Update 07312016

Thank you for all, including SF supervisor Aaron Peskin,  that supported St Mary’s School at the Little Angels Symphony over the weekend.


Little Angels Symphony

Update 07102016

Our official donation site is up and running.  All donations will go directly to the Friends of St Mary’s School SF.

Please visit:


In addition Friends of St Mary’s will be hosting The Guangzhou Little Angels Symphony Orchestra at the end of the month.  This fundraising event and it’s proceeds will go towards saving St Mary’s

For more information please visit the following:

Little Angels Symphony

Update 07052016

Where do we stand today? School is out, last graduating class of St Mary’s School has left. Majority of the kids are enjoying their summer break. SMILE summer program is underway. As for the committee, we are still working towards saving St Mary’s.  We are now an official 501(c) 3 organization, Friends of St. Mary’s School SF, and will be working diligently in reviving the school.  There will be new information to come on where you can donate your money officially to help the organization save St Mary’s School.

Update 06232016

School maybe over but St Mary’s programs continue.

St. Mary’s School Cares! Meaningful Exchange to China Continues this Summer!

On June 23, 2016, the third edition of our partnership with the America Bridges China program took flight, as a band of teachers and students headed to Guilin and Jiangyin/Qiaoqi, China for a month of service and teaching at schools in those cities.

Teachers from St. Mary’s School include Mr. Joe Ryan, our 8th grade home room teacher who will be doing STEM training to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in China (and making his third trip with ABC), and Mr. Christian Pabalan, our 7th grade home room teacher who is using his artistic skills and training to work on arts and crafts projects with the students. Other lead teachers include Ms. Jennifer Lim from Francisco Junior High School who will be leading students in performance arts, including music, singing and dance, and Candy K. P. Lee, a reading and English specialist for monolingual Chinese-speaking students at Chinese Education Center (CEC) in Chinatown. Jerry Lee, from St. Mary’s, and Gary S.Y. Sue, round out the adult teachers supporting the program.

St. Mary’s alumni now in high school joining as Teaching Assistants include, Fiona Tsui and Michael Wong, and current Class of 2016 graduate Michaela Wong, and our St. Mary’s students moving on to the 8th grade, Joy Cheng, Annika Sin, Emily Anzhou Dong, and Mark Li. Three other students enlisting on to the tour are Valerie Le and Ada Zhu from Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, and Jalyn Lee from Mercy Burlingame High School.

This annual summer program is open to students entering the 8th grade through high school, and is strongly supported by Mrs. Alice Woo, whose father graduated from Qiaoqi Primary Experimental School decades ago. Application and selection usually takes place in October/November of each year for the following summer’s ABC Tour and program. In addition, select students and teachers from Qiaoqi are selected to come to the San Francisco Bay Area for two weeks during the school year in February of every other year, and local families are encouraged to host these visitors and have them attend our local schools. This year we were fortunate to have additional generous donations from St. Mary’s School supporters Mrs. Lily Wong and Mr. Wilbert Wong.

St. Mary’s is proud to support this program as it provides international and first-hand growth experiences to our young people so that they can truly become young leaders who are compassionate, understanding and tolerant, as they experience within their own hearts and minds the true meaning of “To Learn, To Live, and To Love.”

Follow the blog and view the daily postings at: www.ABCTour2016.org.

Update 05122016

We are very much still active in our efforts in saving St Mary’s School. The committee has been actively working with the Archdiocese and presenting plans in effort to help lift the suspension.

Some Notables:

  • we have raised close to $400k and we are still working on raising more with a target goal of 6 million dollars for the school to be self sustaining and possibly independent.
  • the exiting principal, Tony LesCallett, has been asked by parents, faculty, and students to not return to the school due to his poor support for the school, student, families and management. He has moved on and will be a principal at  St Philip the Apostle School.
  • we are working with the community to help with plans to lift the suspension and have hopes to have classes in the fall of 2016
  • our SMILE summer program is a green light and we are currently accepting students.
  • we are still pushing marketing for new enrollment and giving school tours.
  • PTG continues to show support for the children and continues to host events for the school.
  • St Mary’s School is deemed to be one of the few earthquake safe buildings within the Archdiocese school system.

Slideshow of recent events at St Mary’s including May Crowing and Peace Rally at the Archdiocese office.

Update 05052016

Update 04252016

The Students of St Mary’s will be planning a peaceful rally at the Archdiocese offices this Wednesday 04272016. If you are available, please come show your support.

One Peter Yorke Way
San Francisco, California 94109

First off, we thank each and every one of you that have pledged and supported the school, past and present.

The  Save St Mary’s School committee has been working long and hard in trying to save the school. We want to continue it’s legacy, tradition and the uniqueness that St Mary’s School brings.  The school continues to operate today with our support behind the teachers, administration staff and most importantly the students.

We have presented our plan to the Archdiocese in efforts to show them how much effort we have put in this and how much money we have currently raised. This was our Presentation to Finance Council

As of 04/15/2016 we were dealt with the following news,

“Fr. Piderit informed me that he would have a response on the decision of the Archdiocese at 4:30pm.  Just a few minutes ago he called and informed me that the finance council voted unanimously to keep the suspension in place.  They are sticking to their announcement of the school being in suspension for two years with the expectation that we would re-open our doors in two years.  I am now awaiting this decision in writing so that I can pass that along to you.  In brief, it was said that the financial council thought that it would take 3x what has already been raised in donations and pledges in order to keep the school out of the red.  They also spoke to the fact that they thought it impossible to get 25 students enrolled in order to address our enrollment issue.”

quoted from Fr. Bart Landry

Our efforts are not over and this is just the beginning….